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SANDY C. NEWBIGGING has written six books that have become no.1 best-sellers and created the Calmology techniques that are used globally.

His books include New Beginnings, Heal the Hidden Cause, Thunk! (Findhorn Press), Life Detox (Piatkus Little, Brown), and Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure (Hay House).  He writes columns for Holistic Therapist Magazine and Om Yoga and over the years has been invited to appear on television around the world and been interviewed by magazines and radio stations across the UK and USA. 

Sandy has taught practitioners in his methods from 15+ countries and run residential retreats at some of the world's best health and well-being resorts in the UK, Turkey and Thailand. As the creator of the methods and having taught thousands of people to meditate, he will be your principle trainer during your home study course by first teaching you the method(s) and then giving guidance on professionally share them.


Sandra Power

Sandra is a graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and has also trained in Mind Detox and is one of the few Mind Detox Trainers in the world. She offers a holistic approach to health, helping people to reduce both the physical and emotional stress and loves to guide her clients to enjoy life fully.


Maya Carrington

Maya is a retired Occupational Health Nurse and Advisor who dealt mostly with stress in the workplace. She's passionate about making spirituality practical and down-to-earth.  She found peace with Mind Calm and is so excited about the physical benefits she's gained from Body Calm. 

Josie Truelove

Having had a successful career in the police helping those affected by serious crime, Josie is an experienced Complementary Therapist, practicing both Mind Calm and Body Calm+ coaching and the Mind Detox method. Josie has the passion and understanding to help others find their true freedom and peace.