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Maya Carrington, United Kingdom

"The course was absolutely amazing. My body feels healthier, my relationships have improved immensely and through learning CALM I have come home to my true self and found a joy that I didn't know existed."

Annette Henry, United Kingdom

"Before using CALM I had chronic insomnia and anxiety but now I sleep great and have no anxiety!  This is too special not to share; I love being able to teach CALM and witness transformation in others, and I am grateful for all of it."

"Within the first two months of practicing CALM I noticed my persistent fearful thoughts had almost disappeared and my level of anxiety had dropped significantly. I've tried many techniques but CALM is the first practice where I've been successful in finding my true self and it's really easy to do!"

Peggy Stare, USA

"In a short time CALM has made a profound impact upon my life.  Things that used to be a problem aren't anymore. I've been given a promotion at work and feel excited when in the past I would have been anxious." 

Bonni Smith, USA