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CALMOLOGY integrates Sandy's popular Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Calm Cure and Body Calm principles and techniques into one super powerful methodology: 

Mind Detox cleanses the mind from unresolved past events and unhealthy beliefs that are impacting your peace and potential. 

Mind Calm quietens the noisy mind and quickly moves you from stress to stillness by engaging the inner calm of self-awareness.

Calm Cure heals the hidden conflicts potentially causing physical conditions, emotional issues and persistent life problems.

Body Calm uses the mind-body connection to create holistic harmony and gives the body the rest it needs to recover and stay healthy.

At the heart of Calmology is the possibility that you can heal and achieve anything and wake up to wellness and success - by cleansing the mind, being self-aware, calming hidden conflicts and living attentive to the 'inner calm of your consciousness'. You will learn several awareness-raising techniques including closed-eyed CALM Sittings and open-eyed CALM Moments for whenever you notice your are over thinking, stressed, under performing or lacking clarity and calm. You will be empowered with the ability to heal the hidden conflicts causing physical conditions, emotional issues or life problems. With regular use, you will cultivate a 'peace with' attitude towards your mind, emotions, body and life circumstances and find that you don't experience life as problematic or stressful anymore. Instead, you will be living with an on-going sense of inner calm, connect deeply with yourself and others and be able to perform at your best during work and play. 

Calmology Perspective

"When you get peace with your own mind, you get peace with all aspects of your life. You stop fearing what life might bring and with a 'bring it on' attitude, you become a self-aware, loving and peaceful presence in the world."