It’s not too late to join this course!

The founder of the Calm Academy and creator of Calmology, Sandy C. Newbigging, is hosting a one-off ‘LIVE’ version of this course. Sandy will deliver 9 weekly live webinars, guiding you through everything you need to know in order to qualify as a Mind Calm Coach. You will then continue with your training, supported by your dedicated trainer. Replays are available if you’ve missed the start of the course. Don’t miss this very rare opportunity to learn from the creator of the Calm Meditation techniques.


1 October - Overview of Course + CALM Philosophy + Get Started Meditating

8 October - M1 Why Meditate? + M2 Hearts Highest Hope + M3 What You Want Is Inside You


15 October - M4 Thinking Makes You Miss Life + M5 The Peace With Mind (and Emotions) Miracle

22 October - M6 The 5 Hidden Causes of a Busy Mind


29 October - M7 More to Life Than You May Think + M8 The Silent Solution

5 November - M9 The Serenity and Success Formula + M10 The 3 S’s for Being Super Human


12 November - M11 The 3 Step Calm Meditation Technique + M12 Common Meditation Happenings

19 November - M13 Constructing the Calm Thoughts + M14 Purpose of the 10 Mind Calm Thoughts

26 November - M15 Mind Calm Games

(Some topics may change)