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What are the benefits of using the CALM techniques?

CALM stands for 'Conscious Awareness Life Meditation' is ultimately about exactly that - helping you to be consciously aware in daily life.  When you are aware, you naturally and immediately experience what your consciousness is like, which is still and calm. Also, remaining self-aware, you will discover that you are no longer thinking as much as normal.  With a calmer mind, there is less negative thinking and therefore no reason(s) not to be happy, confident and loving. You will also find that you are better able to perform at your best, access your intuition and creativity and live in the present moment. The benefits are boundless from being consciously aware and until you experience it for yourself it is hard to know what you are missing out on.  We hope that you give it a go using our techniques and find out for yourself!

Why did Sandy create these home study courses?

Sandy is the best-selling author of several books that have sold in many countries around the world.  He has also appeared on television in 30+ countries. As a result, many people want to experience the benefits and be able to share the teachings and techniques that he's known for - but are not always able to travel, take time off work or afford the costs involved in attending a live course.  To get around these common challenges, Sandy created these home study courses so you could benefit from what he shares, irrespective of where you live in the world.  On top of that, the world needs much more calm.  By offering home study courses that you can do from anywhere in the world, it is Sandy's hope that the techniques make a larger impact globally.  

Is CALM religious or based upon any other traditions like Buddhism?

No. CALM involves no belief system, rituals or strict rules and to use the techniques you are not asked to pay a tithe or join any kind of group or organisation.  Saying that, there is a great community of people using the techniques that you are welcome to connect with and learn from, if you want to.  

What can a CALM Coach do?

Depending on the course(s) you do, coaches can deliver introductory talks, run the Mind and/or Body Calm courses for people wanting to use the techniques for personal use and also offer one-to-one Mind and/or Body Calm Coaching, again for personal use. If you buy the Body Calm Coach training course and also attend the live Embodying Calm course, then you will also be qualified to offer the Embodying Exercise as part of your one-to-one coaching services.  Due to the subtle nature of the Embodying Exercise, it is important that you've spent time with Sandy experiencing it for yourself and you are very confident using it before attempting to share it with others.  Otherwise you may end up doing therapy and you will not be qualified to do that.  You will also NOT qualified or allowed to offer Coach Trainer courses in Mind or Body Calm (whereby you teach people how to coach others).  Finally, you are not permitted to offer any online courses in the techniques.  If in doubt, please contact us.  

What are the requirements to being invited to be a CALM Coach Trainer?

We are passionate about sharing these modern-day meditation techniques with the world.  If you excel during your home study coach training course and complete the requirements to a high standard then we will invite you to join our team as a CALM Coach Trainer. If you want to increase the chances of being considered, we encourage you to complete your exam(s) and case studies and let your trainer know your intentions.  This will help us become aware of you.  We will contact you after you graduate if we'd like you to join the training team. 

How much does a CALM Coach Trainer earn?

We would rather not say here.  We will give you the finer details of how much you will earn when you've graduated and are ready to take the next step.  What we can say now is: we will refer students to you and you will earn on a per student basis. You are only allowed to train CALM Coaches using our training resources found within Sandy's Calm Academy websites.  Therefore as a coach trainer, you will not be permitted to run independent CALM coach training courses.  You will also receive extra earnings if you find the student and support them with the home study materials. If you do, then you can pay off your own course investment within as little as 3 'sales'.  If you can do the maths then you can probably figure out what you will earn! 

What are the benefits of training in BOTH Mind and Body Calm?

Although the meditation techniques have similarities, the Mind Calm and Body Calm serve very different purposes and include very different elements.  Mind Calm gives people a grounding in meditation and is perfect for people new to meditating or more experienced meditators who want to deepen their current practice.  With Mind Calm you will get a deep appreciation and experience of 'peace with mind' and also bring into your living experience of life a collection of stunning states of being including connection, peace, love, joy and more. If you are a coach, therapist, consultant or yoga teacher then Mind Calm is an ideal addition to your toolkit.  You will also benefit if you haven't got any background in holistic therapies and want to get into this field of work.  

Body Calm on the other hand is focused on the body and helping it to heal and stay healthy.  As there can be many potential causes of physical conditions, Body Calm offers a number of ways to help a person to resolve the mind-based causes of ill health.  If you are a body worker of any kind, then you can benefit massively from including Body Calm in your toolkit.  You will find that different people will be drawn to the different techniques, so being trained in both will make your market of potential 'customers' much bigger.  If you have the ability to pay a little extra, then it is highly recommended that you do both! 

As an added benefit, if you train in both and go on to become one of our coach trainers, then you will be able to earn more as you will be able to support future students through both the Mind Calm and Body Calm courses.  Being trained in both makes it easier for us to refer students to get paid for supporting.  

Are you saying that Body Calm will definitely heal physical conditions?

No medical claims are being made. Scientists have consistently proven that stress is harmful to health.  Meditation is also known for being a great way to reduce stress. We are simply encouraging people to use meditation and the additional techniques included in Body Calm along-side conventional medicine and common sense.  For mental conditions like depression, we recommend anyone learning and using our techniques to consult their doctor and we never suggest anyone stops taking medication that they have been prescribed.  Please see our Terms, Conditions + Disclaimer for full details.  

I'm not sure if I want to coach others.  Will the course still be of benefit to me?

They say the best way to learn is to teach.  When it comes to CALM, one of the quickest ways to speed up your own growth and experience the benefits on a deeper level, is to learn how to both use the techniques for personal use AND if you have a desire to teach, share what you learn with others.

These courses are the best way to dive deeper into the Calm philosophies and techniques.  If you are unsure whether you want to coach others, but are interested in learning more about the techniques and experience the benefits for yourself, then go ahead and buy the course(s). You may find that you develop the desire to coach others later on; once you have the skills and want to others to benefit like you have.

How long will it take me to get through the material and graduate?

You get two courses for the price of one with our home study courses; one for personal use and one for coaching others.  The personal courses include 7 videos each lasting between 60-120 minutes.  So it will take on average around 10 hours to watch all of part one. Saying that, you won't watch them all at the same time because you will be encouraged to practice what you are learning in your own life so you can experience the benefits.  This means, in reality, it will take longer to get through the videos.

The course for coaching others includes 8 videos for Mind Calm and 6 videos for Body Calm (again lasting between 60-120 minutes each). In the videos, Sandy will guide you through how to deliver the material and coach others. You will need to watch the videos, listen to the audios and read the supporting articles. Then practice the 'talks' on your own before contacting your dedicated trainer to deliver the material to them via Skype.  You will also do an online exam, which will take around 60 minutes to complete and undertake 5 case studies, with these sessions lasting anything from 30-60 minutes each.  For the Body Calm course, if you want to also qualify to also offer the Embodying Exercise and coaching with the directories, you will submit 5 more case studies.  All together, you can expect it to take around 25 hours to cover all of the videos, 5-10 hours working with your dedicated coach, 10 hours to do the exam and case studies.  Obviously, you can work at your own pace and it will take longer if you want to take your time. On average, it takes 50 hours to go through all of the material, work with your coach trainer and do the exam and case studies. 

Is there a time limit on completing the home study course?

Yes, there is a 1-year limit on completing the course(s). After this time, we will remove you from our system.  If you reach the 1-year limit and still want to graduate, you will be required to pay £397 to get an extension of 1-year.  In our experience, people love the courses, enjoy going through the materials and as a result, graduate within 3-6 months on average. 

Are the courses insurable? 

Everyone who offers Mind or Body Calm Coaching to any third party is required to have up-to-date Personal Liability Insurance. When you graduate, we will ask you to sign an agreement stating that you are insured.  Mind Calm is insured by Holistic Insurance Services in the UK and we have a deal whereby if you get insured with them you get a discount. If you live outside the UK or want to be insured by another company then you can contact your preferred insurer and ask them to add meditation to your Personal Liability Insurance cover. As Body Calm is Sandy's newest technique, we haven't yet organised getting it recognised with the insurers, but it's on the things to do list!  Either way, for clarity, you need to make sure 'meditation coach and/or trainer' is listed as a service/technique you offer. 

Will I be able to run my own Mind Calm or Body Calm online courses?

No, only Sandy offers Mind Calm or Body Calm online courses.  You can offer online courses that draw on content that you've learnt from the course(s), but you are just not allowed to teach the meditation techniques via online courses. 

If my partner and I study together will we be given a reduction? 

We would love to support and encourage you to learn with your partner.  If you buy one course (Mind or Body Calm) for you and your partner then you will get £400 discount off the total price making it £1994 instead of £2394.  If you buy both courses (Mind + Body Calm) for you and your partner then you will get a £500 discount (on top of the already discount of £897) meaning you will save a total of £1397 and only pay £2494. Please contact us if you want to claim this discount and we will send you the link to pay by PayPal with a debit or credit card.  You must contact us within 7 days of purchase otherwise this offer stops being available. No refunds are offered if you encounter relationship difficulties and you and/or your partner decides not to continue with the course! 

How does the home study course work in practical terms?

Soon after you buy the course(s) you will meet on Skype with your dedicated coach trainer.  They will welcome you to the Calm Academy and give you the password(s) you need to access the training materials.  You will then start watching the videos, listening to the audios and reading the supporting articles.  Most importantly, you will also start using the techniques for yourself! Usually, you will be working on your own for 1-3 months as you learn and practice. You are welcome to be in contact with your coach trainer during this time to ask questions. 

Then, once you've gone through the second part of the course - how to coach others - you will contact your dedicated coach trainer to organise your live Skype sessions.  They will tell you what 'talks' you need to deliver and when, so you can prepare for each call. Once you've delivered your talks to your coach trainer, you will complete the exam and case studies, submit both via the submissions area on this website and we will mark them and let you know if you've passed or if you need to review anything. If all the boxes and ticked and requirements met, we will inform you by email that you've passed and send your certificate.   

Are there any printed manuals or materials provided?

These are web-based home study courses. You are welcome to print any of it and refer to hard copies, but we will not be sending you any printed manuals or materials through the post. This keep the cost down and is friendlier on the environment! 

Is the content of the home study course(s) and the live Embodying Calm experiential the same?

Some of the content may be repeated, but let's face it, the more you hear it the deeper you truly 'get it'.  Saying that, the focus of the live Embodying Calm courses with Sandy are on you experiencing the benefits of Body Calm Meditation and the Embodying Exercise.  You will spend time during the live event working on yourself with the supervision and support of Sandy. You will also have the opportunity to be one of the people in the room that Sandy personally works with. If you want to graduate as a Body Calm Coach who can also use the Embodying Exercise and Body Calm Directories professionally then you need to attend Sandy's live Embodying Calm course. The Embodying Calm course is highly recommended to anyone interested in CALM and if you can make it to a course - do it! 

Is the qualification valid forever?

Yes it is valid, however, to continue to deepen your experience of calm and stillness, to guarantee quality and ensure that you are using the most up-to-date information, it is recommended that you have a coaching call with us and submit a fresh set of 5 case study summaries every two years. The cost of this additional work by us is £197. It is also recommended that you attend one of Sandy's live courses every 1-2 years (if possible) as this will ensure you have a rich experience of CALM.  

Can I have a refund if I change my mind?

A full refund is available up until you have your first Skype meeting with your dedicated coach and receive the passwords that give you access to the online course materials, then no refunds are available. We are fully committed to you and it is in your best interest to complete the course.  If you have any difficulties arise during the course, then talk it through with your dedicated coach trainer. Challenges are best faced sooner rather than later and can often be highly beneficial learning and growth opportunities. 

How do I book and pay for the home study courses?

To get started, simply go to the BEGIN NOW page where you can make payment and complete your booking form. We will then be in touch to connect you with your dedicated coach trainer. If you also want to do the Embodying Calm live course and there aren't any dates scheduled or that you can do, you can still buy it now and just let us know when a date is scheduled that works for you.  Sandy runs one at least every 6 months and courses usually happen in the UK.