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Special Offer: Just pay the Calm Clan Membership (30 days free trial then £10.80/month)

(If you don't want to be a member, you can pay the full price of £247 by CLICKING HERE)


Calmology is taught online via Sandy's Calm Clan membership website. The 12-part Calmology foundation course is for personal use and the  Calmologist certification course is for anyone wishing to dive in deeper personally and gain the knowledge and skills required to share Calmology professionally with friends, family and paying clients. 

During the Calmology foundation course you will be introduced to the core principles, the four techniques, and be given guidance on how to use them to transform your relationship with key aspects of daily life - including your thoughts, emotions, health, past, relationships, career, money and the wider-world. You can start to experience the big benefits possible, including: a calmer mind, emotional freedom, less stress, self-healing and improved health, peace with your past, loving and connected relationships, more abundance, clarity on your life purpose and enhanced performance during work and play.

As we believe everyone should have access to the life-changing principles and techniques that Calmology offers, you can access the first month of your Calmology course completely FREE and then if you choose to continue with the course and remain a member of the Calm Clan online community, you will pay a nominal monthly membership fee of only £10.80 (which continues for as long as you remain a member of the Calm Clan). Meaning you can get started - including all of the following plus the additional Calm Clan benefits - for around £30!