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Clear. Calm. Well. Free.



Clear. Calm. Well. Free.

Sandy C. Newbigging is the creator of the globally-used Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure coaching and meditation techniques - collectively known as Calmology. 


Calmology's 'peace with life' approach offers immediate calm and empowers holistic health and liberated living.  Based upon the premise that excessive thinking and inner conflict are the hidden causes of many physical, emotional and life problems and that self-awareness and inner calm sit at the heart of healing, happiness and positive living. 

It brings together the best of everything Sandy C. Newbigging has used and shared during more than a decade of clinical practice and the writing of six no.1 bestselling books.

Calmology goes beyond the old ' fix it ' therapeutic mindset - which is based on judgement, wrongness and feeds the habit of being in conflict with life - to offer a more enjoyable and effective way of feeling great - physically and emotionally - and loving life. It teaches you how to engage the stillness of your own self-awareness and be at peace with all aspects of life. It is both life-changing and liberating.



Mind Detox is a 5-step technique for resolving the root cause reasons of chronic conditions and persistent problems. If something negative is happening in your body or life, then you can find out why.  You can get peace with your past, heal unhealthy beliefs and clear your mind of the unconscious 'stuff' that's been holding you back.



Mind Calm is the modern meditation technique that gives you 'peace with mind' and proves the secret to success is stillness. Instead of having to stop your thoughts, fix your feelings or perfect your life before you can experience peace. Mind Calm helps you to 'be still now'  by being consciously aware in daily life.



Body Calm is the powerful meditation technique that helps your body heal and stay healthy. It harnesses the power of the mind-body connection to  give you the rest you need to recover and enjoy optimum health.  It includes 5 directories of the most common mind-based causes of conditions and ways to heal them, for good.



Calm Cure is the unexpected way to improve your health, your life and your world. It  brings calm to anywhere in your life that there has been unconscious conflict. In doing so, you can calmly coexist with the full spectrum of life. You discover that freedom comes from the ability to experience anything without suffering. 

Calmology Perspective

“It is not what's happening in your life but instead your relationship WITH what's happening that determines your health, wealth, happiness and life success.”

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  • Quieter Mind + Consistent Inner Calm
  • Use Your Mind as a Powerful Tool
  • Clarity, Focus + Decision Making
  • Self-Esteem + Confidence
  • Contentment + Life Satisfaction
  • Improved Performance at Work + Play
  • Be in the Moment (not Past + Future)
  • Enhanced Intuition + Access to Wisdom
  • Access Creativity Without Limits
  • Live from Aware Self (not Mind Self)
  • Connected + Loving Relationships
  • Better Quality Sleep + Deeper Rest
  • Less Stress + Tension in the Body
  • True Emotional Freedom
  • Peace with Past Events + Experiences
  • Enjoyably + Effectively Achieve Your Goals 
  • Healthier + Happier Relationship with Life
  • Heal the Hidden Causes of Problems
  • Physical Healing and Optimum Health
  • Life Purpose + Enjoyable Daily Practice


  1. Calmology works deeper than many therapeutic and mindfulness approaches because it is awareness-based instead of mind-based.
  2. The Calmology techniques are used with your eyes open or closed – so anyone can benefit from using them anytime, anywhere.
  3. The ‘peace with life’ strategy enables you to be calm and well, irrespective of what’s happening in your mind, emotions or circumstances.
  4. Rather than treat symptoms, Calmology aims to resolve the conflicts causing physical symptoms, emotional issues or life problems.
  5. The  Calmology techniques offer a range of ways to develop self-awareness and improve your relationship with life.

Calmology Perspective

“Within everyone is an awareness that is aware of every thought, emotion and life circumstance, whether they appear positive or negative. This awareness is always perfectly calm and well, making it the foundation to problem-free living.”


Real Results

Real Results

Alison Taylor

"Learning CALM has completely changed my experience of life. From no longer suffering constant back pain to seeing the world in an infinitely more joyful way and being liberated from limited thinking."

James Christopher

"For years my mind controlled me and now i feel in control. CALM has helped me overcome years of intermittent depression and high levels of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. It's so empowering to see your mind and not be caught up in it!"

Mehgan Weatherley

"In particular, Body calm has helped me to finally relax and become at peace with my body, noticing how wonderful it is and how amazing it is. It has also helped me to accept myself completely."

Jean Maslen

"I spent over 60 years with fear and anxiety. I've now discovered that my past doesn't have to rule my present or future. I've made up for lost time and now live a happier, calmer and fuller life." 

Peggy Stare

"Within the first two months of practicing CALM I noticed my persistent fearful thoughts had almost disappeared. I've tried many techniques but CALM is the first practice where I've been successful in finding my true self and it's really easy to do!"


Bonni Smith

"In a short time CALM has made a profound impact upon my life.  Things that used to be a problem aren't anymore. I've been given a promotion at work and feel excited when in the past I would have been anxious." 

Lorna Carlini, UK

"I have used many other practices but CALM has provided many life enhancing gifts, including inner peace, immense clarity and  joy. My purpose is clear and I feel like I've come home to myself."

Jennie Marshall, UK

"I have literally transformed myself – from looking for peace outside to finding it inside me - and it’s the best experience of my life. I’ve never felt more at home and comfortable within myself."  

At the heart of Calmology is the possibility that you can heal and achieve anything and wake up to wellness and success - by cleansing the mind, being self-aware, calming hidden conflicts and living attentive to the 'inner calm of your consciousness'. You will learn several awareness-raising techniques including closed-eyed CALM Sittings and open-eyed CALM Moments for whenever you notice your are over thinking, stressed, under performing or lacking clarity and calm. You will be empowered with the ability to heal the hidden conflicts causing physical conditions, emotional issues or life problems. With regular use, you will cultivate a 'peace with' attitude towards your mind, emotions, body and life circumstances and find that you don't experience life as problematic or stressful anymore. Instead, you will be living with an on-going sense of inner calm, connect deeply with yourself and others and be able to perform at your best during work and play.