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Home study certification course in Calmology for personal and professional use.

If you are a coach, therapist, counsellor, psychologist, nutritionist, healer or simply have a desire to benefit more deeply yourself and make a positive difference to others, then this course is ideal for you.

Calmology is the study of self-awareness for the cultivation of inner stillness, 'peace with life' and stress-free successful living. By doing the Calmologist course you'll gain an in-depth understanding and living experience of self awareness and be able to share the principles and techniques with your friends, family and paying clients. 

The course consists of online training resources, live broadcasts with Sandy, co-coaching sessions with your fellow students and Skype meetings with your very own dedicated trainer.

One of the best ways to learn is to teach so you will have ample opportunities to give and receive sessions using the techniques. Ultimately proving that the secret to your own success is stillness and giving you the knowledge and skills required to help others in a positive and professional way - should you wish to do so after graduating.

The website shown in this video is Sandy's Calm Community, which is where you will find the Calmologist training resources. Click on the logo to begin now!

Take your journey with CALM to a higher level while gaining the ability to share these life-changing principles and techniques with others.
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Be fully equipped to be able to help yourself and others to gain the following benefits:

    • Quieter Mind + Consistent Inner Calm
    • Use Your Mind as a Powerful Tool
    • Clarity, Focus + Decision Making
    • Self-Esteem + Confidence
    • Contentment + Life Satisfaction
    • Improved Performance at Work + Play
    • Be in the Moment (not Past + Future)
    • Enhanced Intuition +Wisdom
    • Access Creativity Without Limits
    • Live from Aware Self (not Mind Self)
    • Connected + Loving Relationships
    • Better Quality Sleep + Deeper Rest
    • Less Stress + Tension in the Body
    • True Emotional Freedom
    • Peace with Past Events + Experiences
    • Enjoyably + Effectively Achieve Your Goals 
    • Healthier + Happier Relationship with Life
    • Heal the Hidden Causes of Problems
    • Physical Healing and Optimum Health
    • Life Purpose + Enjoyable Daily Practice 


    1. Calmology works deeper than many therapeutic and mindfulness approaches because it is awareness-based instead of mind-based.
    2. The Calmology techniques are used with your eyes open or closed – so anyone can benefit from using them anytime, anywhere.
    3. The ‘peace with life’ strategy enables you to be calm and well, irrespective of what’s happening in your mind, emotions or circumstances.
    4. Rather than treat symptoms, Calmology aims to resolve the conflicts causing physical symptoms, emotional issues or life problems.
    5. The  Calmology techniques offer a range of ways to develop self-awareness and improve your relationship with life.


    Real Results

    Real Results

    Maya Carrington, United Kingdom

    "The course was absolutely amazing. My body feels healthier, my relationships have improved immensely and through learning CALM I have come home to my true self and found a joy that I didn't know existed."

    Annette Henry, United Kingdom

    "Before using CALM I had chronic insomnia and anxiety but now I sleep great and have no anxiety!  This is too special not to share; I love being able to teach CALM and witness transformation in others, and I am grateful for all of it."

    Alison Taylor, United Kingdom

    "Training to be able to share CALM professionally  is the most worthwhile and significant thing that I've undertaken in years both for my own development and for the hugely positive impact on those around me."

    John Graham, Ireland

    "CALM has given me a real sense of serenity. I can catch myself when I'm getting caught up thinking too much, which allows me to bring myself back to the present moment. This has given me a better experience of life." 

    Steve Watkins United Kingdom

    "It’s been an absolutely amazing experience. It’s a very natural thing to do and all makes sense. The philosophy behind it is life-changing and it allows you to be your true self, let go of so much, experience more joy, peace, happiness, love... you name it, you can get it. So I say go for it!" 

    Sharon Branagh, United Kingdom

    "I’ve got a long-term health condition and it’s really helped to reduce the pain. I am more comfortable in my own body and feel happier. It’s an amazing technique that you can use in your own life and also share it with other people - and get paid for it – what as awesome job!"




    As a CALMOLOGIST you will learn how to use and share Sandy's Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure principles and techniques:

    • Mind Calm quietens the noisy mind and quickly moves people from stress to serenity by engaging the calming stillness of self-awareness.  
    • Body Calm harnesses the mind-body connection to create holistic harmony and give the body the rest it needs to recover and remain healthy. 
    • Mind Detox cleanses the mind from unresolved past events and unhealthy beliefs that are impacting people's peace and potential.  
    • Calm Cure can bring resolution to the hidden conflicts potentially causing physical conditions, emotional issues and persistent life problems.

    You will be able to help yourself and others with almost any issue that a person can face, enabling you to make a big positive difference to anyone you meet. As you will benefit so much personally, it is highly recommended that you do this course even if you aren't sure yet if you want to use Calmology professionally. We often find that once a person discovers inner calm and freedom from problems within themselves, they are delighted to have the ability to share it with others.



    • There is something wrong with my life + me
    • I need to fix, change + improve myself + my life
    • Problems happen that need to be resolved
    • Illness, stress + suffering are caused by what happens in life
    • I need to think positivity about the problem so that it goes away
    • Life will improve if I push away the bad things + get what I want
    • Bad things happen + I need to do whatever I can to avoid them


    • There is nothing wrong with life or my Awareness (my real Self)
    • My relationship with my Self + life impact my wellness + success
    • Problems are life experiences that I’ve been conditioned to resist
    • Resistance to what is happening causes illness, stress + suffering
    • I need to stop thinking about life + be willing to fully experience it
    • Life improves when I have a ‘bring it on’ attitude + calm inner conflict
    • Life is inviting me to be a Self-Aware + loving presence in the world
    Sandy Buddha Bag #4.jpg




    Embodying Calm in Daily Life: You can't give what you don't have so the primary focus of this course is you gaining the ability to engage the stilling calm of conscious awareness anytime you choose.  In doing so, you will live in the present moment (instead of thinking about the past and future all of the time), not experience life as problematic and feel free. 

    1-to-1 Calmologist Consultations: You will be able to help others to discover and resolve the unconscious conflicts potentially causing physical, emotional or life problems. When a client presents a particular issue, you will know what technique is most appropriate and be able to teach the CALM techniques*. You will also know how best to use the Calm Directories (that list the most common mind-based causes of conditions) and recommend the ideal 'Calm Thoughts' for your clients to use between sessions during closed-eye Calm Sittings and/or open-eye Calm Moments. 

    If you are already trained and qualified in other disciplines, then you will be offered guidance on how to best use your Calmology alongside them. We are encouraging of these techniques being used with complementary approaches. 

    Group Talks and Classes: On Calmology, Mind Calm, Body Calm, Meditation Benefits, Stress-Free Living, Holistic Health and more. Covering everything a person needs to know in order to use the Calmology techniques for personal use. You will be provided with agendas to follow for Calmology based talks and classes.  

    * Teachers of The Bright Path are encouraged to continue focusing on teaching the Ascension Meditation techniques and use the Mind Detox and Calm Cure techniques to support their personal clients and Ascenders.

    Sandra Power, Canada

    "CALM has quite literally changed my life and given me  more joy and peace than I ever thought possible. I have incorporated it into my nutritional practice and had the amazing opportunity to teach groups of up to 80 people!" 

    Amy Atkinson, United Kingdom

    "Since graduating a few months ago I've been busy doing one-to-one sessions, have integrated CALM into my yoga classes, ran staff training at a local senior school and been commissioned to run courses for a fibromyalgia group." 






    The comprehensive Calmologist certification course is for anyone wishing to dive deeper personally and gain the knowledge and skills required to share Calmology in a professional and insurable way with friends, family and paying clients. You will get a behind-the-scenes understanding of the principles and techniques, gain access to additional live broadcasts that explore the material at a more advanced level, be shown how to run Calmology consultations and expertly combine the techniques depending on client needs, and be given agenda's to follow for group talks and workshops and much more.  We also want people needing Calmology to be able to find you, so there's a module dedicated to the business side of things and how to be both professional and profitable. By the time you complete your Calmologist course you will have benefited greatly yourself and be confident and excited about sharing Calmology with others - if you have the desire to do so.

    * You can still register for this Calmologist course if you have not yet completed the 12-part foundation Calmology course.  If you have previously trained in Mind Calm, Body Calm and/or Mind Detox with the Academy, then you will receive a discount for the course and focus on the elements that you haven't done yet.


    All of the training resources are held within Sandy's Calm Clan membership website, which you get 12-month access to as part of your Calmologist course. The above modules can be completed within 12-months, based upon 5 hours per week. If you require longer then you can receive an additional 6-months to complete. During this time you will only pay for the Calm Clan membership of £10.80/mo.

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    The 'home study' Calmologist course includes a combination of live broadcasts and online training materials and requires the submission of case studies and the completion of an online exams to graduate:


    Live and pre-recorded broadcasts with Sandy covering the core principles and 4 main techniques (Mind Calm, Body Calm, Mind Detox and Calm Cure*). During these Sandy +/or his qualified trainers will give you a behind the scenes understanding of the course content and answer your questions. 


    Live group broadcasts with Sandy +/or his qualified trainers focused on coaching  with the Calmology techniques. These happen monthly and you are required to attend a minimum of 9. You are welcome to join these Supervision Sessions for further development after you qualify - free. 


    To demonstrate that you are able to share the themes of the key modules, you will meet with a dedicate trainer via Skype over 12 sessions to deliver the 'talks' and practice the techniques. This enables you to communicate the content effectively during one-to-one consultations and/or group classes.


    You will meet (either in person or online) for 5 co-coaching sessions for each of the 4 techniques (20 in total). These co-coaching sessions give you the opportunity to support each other, gain invaluable practice using the techniques and personally benefit more deeply from Calmology. 


    Sandy’s Mind Calm, Body Calm, Mind Detox and Calm Cure books.

    These all happen over the duration of 12 months so it is manageable alongside a full-time job and other commitments. It works out at around 5 hours / week.



    For assessing that you possess the skills base required. You will do 3 Mind Calm and 3 Body Calm case studies*, 5 Mind Detox and 5 Calm Cure case studies and a final 4 case studies combining all of the techniques during individual sessions (20 in total). *Bright Path Teachers are not required to provide the 5 case studies teaching Mind Calm and Body Calm.


    For guaranteeing that you've watched the teaching videos and assessing that you have the knowledge base required to communicate the principles clearly.


    Included in the price is 12-months membership of Sandy’s Calm Clan – where you will find the online resources and to help you to develop a deeper experience of stillness and conscious awareness and share from your first hand experience.


    Your Calmologist certificate will be sent once you have attended the training broadcasts, Supervision Sessions, done the Co-Coaching Sessions, attended a minimum of 10 Calm Clan broadcasts and passed the case studies/exam. The pre-requisite for graduating is the ability to engage present moment awareness anytime you want, effectively share the principles and techniques and the successful completion of the certification requirements.


    The Calmologist certification course can be completed in 12-months. You can expect to invest 5-10 hours per week to learn the material and attend the live broadcasts. You can have a 6 month extension if required, which costs the price of the monthly Calm Clan membership fee (£10.80).




    Price: £1995

    One payment of £1995 or a £495 deposit + 11 monthly instalments of £147 (making the price £2108*). Please select your preferred payment option when registering for the course. Price includes 12-months Calm Clan membership.

    * Full balance is due within 30 days if you pay in instalments and then decide to not continue. No refunds are available so please only register for this course if you are committed to completing it. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. 

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

    ADVANCED OPTIONS: If you have already purchased a Calm Academy 'Coach Training' Course, trained as a Mind Detox Practitioner or are a Bright Path Ascension Teacher, please CLICK HERE for information about your current course and certification and the special discounts that are available for you.