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Meditation Teacher, Mind Detox Practitioner & Calmologist Online Training Courses


Calm for All

The Path to Becoming a Meditation Teacher


An intimate conversation with monk, author and Calm Academy founder, Sandy, on becoming a meditation teacher and answering your calling to help the world be a more calm, conscious and connected place to be - for all.


Sandy teaching Mind Calm meditation.

Sandy teaching Mind Calm meditation.

On the eve of the start of our new Mind Calm Coach online course, Sandy hosted an intimate online gathering for anyone who is curious about the life-changing impact of inner peace and becoming a meditation teacher. Irrespective of your background, age or experience, you can make a positive difference in the world. You can find peace within yourself and, with the right guidance, you can help others to find peace too. It’s a wonderful gift to give yourself and the world.

The world needs more of us to step up, wake up and harness the power of peace.

During this unique online event, Sandy shared his own story of how and why he became a meditation teacher and offers advice for anyone who might want to do the same. Learning and teaching meditation has been the number one most important thing Sandy has ever done. Watch now to find out if it’s your calling, too.