Teaching 200 New Meditators at a Music Festival by Josie Truelove

The Mind and Body Calm meditations visited a music festival this weekend inspiring over 200 people, most of which had never mediated before. How amazing is that!

I love the fact that most of the people coming to experience Mind Calm Meditation at the festival had never meditated before, and are so inspired that they can actually do it and experience the peace and calm that is always within us despite all the dance music and funfair filling the air.

Mind and Body Calm Meditation really are the most simple and easy to use meditation techniques that work instantly, calming the mind and body, no matter what is happening in your life.

When I qualified as a Mind Calm Coach, never in a million years would I have thought I would be sharing the techniques to over 200 people at a music festival. It was not even in my intentions... I was asked 3 years ago and I said a very nervous 'yes' knowing it was my calling. (My idea was to do only 1-to-1 coaching!)

So my office for the weekend was the pristine gardens of a stately home sharing one hour talks on the Mind and Body Calm meditation. The feedback is always amazing, as people started off not believing they could find inner stillness with such loud music and distractions all around, so loud I have to shout above it. 

Everyone does experience the inner calm and stillness, even those who tell me they can not meditate! The few who have meditated before always say they love this technique as its so much simpler.

At the end of the day, passing a table full of adults and children, having a great time, they start joking with me about "I AM" and what labels they are attaching to it, and how they are living life fully and completely enjoying the balance of prosecco and cake... not quite what I taught, but how wonderful that all day they had been talking about the teachings, laughing and sharing them with the wives, husbands and children, the message was now there.

One lady who returned to the talk from last year told me how from this she had gone and looked at Sandy’s websites, bought the books and is now practising Mind Calm and Body Calm meditation daily.

I love sharing my personal stories on how I use the techniques to calm my anxieties on, for example, talking to large crowds at festivals!!!... so that I can do anything I like in life if I choose. And the absolute bonus, I earn my living teaching and sharing something that I love, which can also be so beneficial and life changing to others. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” 

So, if you are wondering if it is possible to earn your living from Mind and Body Calm Meditation, and the other Calmology techniques such as Mind Detox and Calm Cure, or if there is a calling for it out in the world, then this weekend shows that yes there is, an absolute need for more people to be out there teaching Mind and Body Calm.  

In my experience, my 3rd year at the festival and 5 years doing events and running workshops, the repeated feedback is how simple this meditation technique is compared to others and it works instantly, that it suits all types of people, many women go back and bring their non-believing husbands along, who say how much they enjoyed it. I am one of those women having taken my hesitant husband to Sandy’s workshops !! 

So, my big lesson in life, was not to plan how I would be sharing the Calmology techniques. My mind’s plan was to do (safe) one-to-one coaching, as I could never speak to a large crowd or go into corporate companies (which I now do!). 

I now know the mind simply restricts your potential and when you follow your heart, be open to all possibilities and say YES, then you can live your life fully and completely and be wonderfully excited about what opportunities come your way. 

Who would have thought teaching meditation would not only allow me to share a life changing skill to others, but also get free festival entry, back stage access, watch amazing bands from the front row, and to get paid for the pleasure.

Bring it OM. 

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Article by Josie Truelove

Josie is passionate about helping others to find their inner peace, freedom, happiness and wellbeing. She is a Calmologist graduate and one of our amazing tutors at the Calm Academy - teaching the next generation of Mind Calm Coaches, Mind Detox Practitioners and Calmologists.