My Calmologist Course Experience by Lorna Carlini


The Calmology course is not just an online academic process; though there is a balanced amount of theory, coursework, there is also, and more importantly a substantial amount that is experiential too. You really get to embody the many benefits of the Calmology principals and meditation techniques. It’s a real life journey for you; mind, body and soul. Working full time, the expected coursework, online and live sessions were all completely manageable. If you are prepared to keep walking the walk with a gentle persistence, patience and practice, the course will reward you beyond your own initial perceived limitations.

Calmology course teaches you how to practically live from present moment awareness: You can easily get a direct experience of what living in the now and you can start to see how living from that place manifests out into your life. The closed-eye and open-eye Calm meditation practice is a staple activity throughout this course and really enhances this experience. When the shift occurs and your meditation practice no longer fits into your life, and life fits in around meditation; it’s a really great place to live from!

Calmology is the life strategy I was looking for and it arrived in perfect time. At a time of massive life changes; physically and emotionally demanding both personally and professionally. Calmology equipped me with a whole host of inner life tools and for me it was; inner calm, clarity and so much more contentment with all that was occurring at that time.

Whatever the universe is throwing at you, the Calmology principals and meditation techniques enable you to have a better relationship with your mind, body and life. You feel inspired to recreate a freer life, with less emotional resistance and attachment to any negative, emotions or body conditions or life events. You can rediscover your inherent limitless potential and possibilities to freedom and peace with your mind, body and life right here, right now.

The Calmology gift that keeps giving: It is a true testament of the great life work of Sandy Newbigging and his calm, clear and practical approach to mentoring. For when you qualify as Calmologist, not only have you been inspired by Sandy, but also by your fellow Calmologists. Though beyond that you will feel reconnected with your own calm, clear, well and free consciously aware Self; your essence, your own truth, to go on in life to stand out, up, tall and be alive. What a gift that is for yourself, and for others that you share the Calmology gift with.

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Article by Lorna Carlini

Lorna is a qualified Calmologist and hosts one of the monthly online meditation meetings inside Sandy’s Calm Clan community. She is an intuitive expert in the mind-body-life connection and will help people to discover the real reasons why most of us end up suffering from our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Lorna is in joyful service to help you cultivate a more tranquil life to experience inner peace, holistic health, emotional wellness, calm and clarity beyond suffering to enable you to succeed with your mind, body and life.