How I Healed My Eczema with Calmology by Paula Gibson


These are the before and after images of me before and after using Calmology. This didn't happen through diet, it wasn't a miracle cream or medication. I cleared my really severe eczema using just the power of the mind-body connection!

A few years ago I was covered pretty much head to toe in eczema that was so severe it felt like I was covered in a burn; feeling both on fire and freezing all the time, not to mention the ITCH!! Needless to say I was pretty self conscious about it, but more than that I was unbelievably physically uncomfortable ALL of the time!

I went to doctors and they just wanted me to use steroid cream (no thanks), I went to naturopaths who tested my heavy metals. I'd had severe eczema years before that turned out to be heavy metals poisoning and I cleared it with chelation therapy, but actually, looking back, the same emotional pattern was running then too. The naturopath wanted me to do a really strict diet, which I did but it didn't help, and just made me feel really restricted. I knew I could clear it myself, I knew it was emotional... But I didn't know where to start.

Then I came across Sandy, who just so happened to be doing a Body Calm workshop.... just up the road from me... the following week! Coincidence? I think not! I remember the moment I saw the article about the course. I had just come out of a Cacao ceremony and was sitting in a restaurant, looking at the menu and seeing nothing I could eat that wouldn't result in a flare-up. My skin was already really bad and SO uncomfortable that I didn't want to eat anything that would risk it getting even worse. I was really at the end of my tether with it!! I started crying right there in the restaurant. I just couldn't do it alone anymore and I started begging for some guidance. I opened a holistic magazine I had picked up at a random page.... And there was Sandy! Do you have a persistent physical symptom you need help with? Oh my GOD!! YES! Prayers were answered! 

During that weekend I learned about Body Calm, the mind-body connection and how to use his meditation and awareness techniques to harness this connection for healing. I began to understand the underlying emotional cause of my eczema and created space for my body to begin to heal. The whole way through that first weekend course I kept welling up with gratitude! Finally, something that can help me really heal... not just the symptom but the part of me that created it!

I fully and completely cleared my eczema using just these techniques!

The first layer revealed itself that weekend. During the Embodying technique I realised I that I was feeling 'irritated, sad and frustrated and self-conscious' in connection to a recent break-up, and my skin was creating symptoms to make me feel that same way to help me get in touch with that. I began focusing on embodying confidence and calm. Already my skin began to feel calmer. 

I continued with the Body Calm meditations twice a day, and the Embodying technique, and shortly after, the next layer revealed itself. I was feeling 'uncomfortable in my skin' and 'undesirable', also in connection to that relationship. I kept doing the meditations, connecting to the online Calm Clan community and embodying confidence and self love. 


Then I went away on holiday, on my own to Portugal, which is where the first photo was taken. While I was there I had a really intense flair-up. The whole time I was there I'd felt 'restricted' because I was cold, but the more layers I wore the worse my skin got. It was a miserable few days! I had hoped to have a really nice time, but the whole time I'd felt 'alone, lonely and unable to form connections'. This was the next layer. 

Then a few weeks later I went on holiday again, this time with a friend, this time to Spain, to the sun. I knew the sun and sea would help my skin, but in that week my eczema completely disappeared for the first time in over a year! I came home so happy, feeling like it was behind me. But, then it began to flare up again. I remember sitting under a tree in the park by my house, my elbow creases beginning to itch like crazy, and thinking no!!! No no no, not again! 

I did a Body Calm meditation to get myself into a calmer state and then I asked myself, "Ok, here is the beginning of a flare up, what is it my body trying to tell me? What was I feeling in Spain that I'm not feeling now?" I was feeling free! I had felt so free and so comfortable in my skin. I remember every time we left the house in Spain without a jacket or even any sleeves, feeling so grateful for the freedom my skin was feeling! So freedom became my purpose and practice.

Now that I had gotten myself to a point where my skin was clear, I could catch it at the first signs and it all became a lot easier. 

My skin was clear for about a year... until I was in my next relationship. This time though I was able to catch the first itch, tune in to myself and get curious about what my body was communicating. I began to see the very unique cocktail of emotions that were always present when my eczema appeared. I was always feeling a lost connection, I was always feeling self-conscious and I was always feeling trapped. The same phrase would be running over and over "I don't know what to do". Of course I had assumed it was "I don't know what to do about my skin", but actually I realised it was just my skin helping me to access that feeling that actually was connected to my relationship, and 'not knowing what to do' to regain the connection. 'Confidence, clarity and freedom' were the virtues that helped me through, and helped my body release the need to flare up that way. 

I'm now nearly two years without a flare up. I've been through two break ups and a bereavement since, and they didn't effect my skin at all. Now that I know what my skin was trying to point me to, I no longer need that same message from within.  

I was so amazed by the power of this work, and how incredible the body is, that I decided to jump in and do the Calmologist certification training so I could help others like me who were experiencing physical and life issues that just won't shift.

In the process I learned loads of powerful techniques and meditations to understand what lies behind persistent issues, and resolve them to create more peace with life. If you have something going on in your life that is causing you distress, I would love to help you with it. Please reach out to schedule a free consultation call with me. We can work together in person or online.

The body is such an amazing machine that it always communicating with us to show us where we need to adjust to live more fully.... We just need to learn the language!

Sending you lots of love,

Paula x

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