CALM has made meditation accessible and enjoyable for thousands of people worldwide.

Perfect for people new to meditation and seasoned meditators wishing to deepen their current practice. CALM includes no jargon, no rituals, no strict rules, and no uncomfortable sitting positions. For thousands of people worldwide, it is the modern-day meditation techniques that they’ve been looking for.

CALM is different to other techniques because its primary focus in on changing your relationship with your mind by engaging present moment awareness. By being Consciously Aware in Life with Meditation, instead of having to stop your thoughts, fix your emotions or perfect your life before you can enjoy some serenity and success, Mind Calm enables you to access calm, clarity, confidence and fulfilment now.

There are two primary meditation techniques including Mind Calm and Body Calm, with each serving different purposes and providing different benefits. You learn how to teach both techniques during your Calm Meditation Teacher course.