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Meditation Teacher, Mind Detox Practitioner & Calmologist Online Training Courses

Welcome to the Calm Academy

Training Transformational Techniques Since 2008


Improving Your Life and World

For over 10 years we have delivered transformational training courses that have improved the lives of our students and their clients from 20+ countries. Begin today by choosing from our Calm Meditation Teacher, Mind Detox Practitioner or Calmologist Certification online courses.


Calm Meditation Teacher


Mind Detox Practitioner


Calmologist Certification


Why train with our Calm Academy?

  • Our student are guided from start to finish by their own dedicated trainer

  • Our home study training courses include live broadcasts and online resources

  • Our connected community of students and alumni’s make lasting friendships

  • Our comprehensive courses are affordable with payment plans available

  • Our training offers the right balance of theory and ‘hands-on’ practice

  • Our inspiring graduates gain meaningful and rewarding professions

  • Our courses improve lives and make a positive impact upon the world.


 Meet Our Principle Trainer, Sandy C. Newbigging

Sandy Newbigging Portrait.jpeg

Sandy is a multi-bestselling author, creator of the Calmology techniques - including Calm Meditations and Mind Detox - for calming and clearing your mind, healing the mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life issues and experiencing the life-changing benefits of living with present moment awareness.

Sandy’s 12 books are published in multiple languages, his work has been featured on TV internationally and he’s created the popular Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure and Mind Detox techniques - collectively known as Calmology - used in 20+ countries. As a practicing monk, Sandy has dedicated his life to bringing more peace to the planet. His awards include Tutor of the Year by the Federation of Holistic Therapists and Trainer/Speaker of the Year by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC).

“I've overcome my own issues, including an eating disorder, bullying, insomnia, heartbreak and struggling to be a success with dyslexia. I’ve felt super low, anxious and sick, stressed and stuck. I’m not preaching from the sidelines as I’ve detoxed my mind, meditated for thousands of hours and even become a monk. I've discovered that peace is possible, easier to achieve than we often think, and inner stillness is the secret to life success.” SANDY C. NEWBIGGING

Real People. Real Results.

Maya Circle Transparent.png

Maya Carrington, UK

"The course was absolutely amazing. My body feels healthier, my relationships have improved immensely and through learning Calmology I have come home to my true self and found an inner joy that I didn't know existed."

Annette Circle Transparent.png

Annette Henry, UK

"Before using Calmology I had chronic insomnia and anxiety. Now I sleep great and have no anxiety! This is too special not to share and I love being able to teach Calmology to others and witness the transformation."

Alison Circle Transparent.png

Alison Taylor, UK

"Training to be able to share Calmology professionally is the most worthwhile and significant thing that I've undertaken in years - both for my own development and for the hugely positive impact on those around me."

John Circle Transparent.png

John Graham, Ireland

"Mind Calm Meditation has given me a real sense of serenity. I can catch myself when I'm getting caught up thinking too much, which allows me to bring myself back to the present moment. This has given me a better experience of life." 

Steve Circle Transparent.png

Steve Watkins, UK

"It’s been an amazing experience. Body Calm is a very natural thing to do and all makes sense. The philosophy behind it is life-changing and it allows you to be your true self, let go of so much, experience more joy, peace, happiness, love... you name it, you can get it!" 

Sharron Circle Tranparent.png

Sharon Branagh, UK

"I’ve got a long-term health condition and Body Calm has really helped to reduce the pain. I am more comfortable in my own body and feel happier. It’s an amazing technique that you can use in your own life and also share it with other people - and get paid for it – what as awesome job!"


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